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I struggle to read the comic, but I love the designs for the Trolls.
And so after suggestions, I decided to try cosplaying Gamzee. Here comes madness

Rosipoo posted on 8 January, 2013 - 20:49
Ooooooh is this Homestuck I see hurhurhurhur ;D

The-oncoming-storm posted on 8 January, 2013 - 20:54
Maybe. I'm still thinking if I should cosplay him or not. xD

ToroSonyCat posted on 10 March, 2013 - 15:39
I love the make-up! You'll make a great Gamzee

12th April 2013


Decided if I can, I'll be doing the Gamzee that'll best match Roenua's Terezi. So I'll be trying to do the scar'd version. So experimenting is go for the new few weeks to see if I could do that most canon version.

2nd March 2013

All done~

After showing said friend who suggested Gamzee the stuff today, and the wig I'm planning to use, I can say this is done. All I have to do is style the wig and fit the horns through. Which I'll likely do early May unless I get a chance to wear him before then. We shall see what happens between now and Expo

17th February 2013

90% there

The horns were mounted today, and the trousers I nearly finished a few days back. So apart from waiting on the wig, and doing one final spot on the trousers that would balance them out, Gamzee is pretty much complete. The only thing I'll be waiting on for a while is the teeth, since I want to get a specific pair but waiting for them to be in stock again.

11th February 2013

Start of the horns

Worked on the horns, since I have no real clue what I'm doing or what works... these are my first go. We'll see once they're dry if they'll be the final ones or will break/not attach to due to weight.

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