Jill Valentine
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Cosplayer: Heorot

Variant: Alternate costume

Status: Planned

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

24th March 2013: Indecisiveness As noted in my costume info I am now seriously considering Trish instead of both Jill and Tron as she has the advantage (with the latter moreso than the former) of having the most bamf'in weapon ever which I wanna make pretty badly. It also helps that I have the perfect corset for her Dante-inspired alt costume, skinny trousers that I don't get nearly enough wear out of and I'm bound to have some boots that would work. Yes it would mean getting a wig but the one[s] I'm looking at getting are already styled in the right way for Trish so it would just be the case of throwing it on; no hairstyling for Jilleh and Tron. On top of all this I found some red pleather in my fabric box today..fmcl xD

2nd March 2013: Upper part of bodysuit thinking/planning Analysing the picture of P.N.0.3 Jill on the UMvC3 wiki, here is my plan of how I will do the white section on the bosoms. I had a sports bra in mind when drawibng this though I omitted it going right the way round the back as thats where the plugs have to go. So it'll go just under my armpit and sit ontop of my shoulders. If that makes any sense. As long as it makes sense to me is the main thing I guess :P

Really indecisive on which bodysuit to go for; it's in between two at the moment. If you have any knowledge/experience of them (especially altering them for v-neck), I'd really aprreciate some advice!

28th February 2013: Over a month on D: Where does time go!?! Life's been very busy for me lately so I havn't made any progress on Jill but I'm hoping to very soon. I didn't manage to get up to the shop for my bodysuit when I went to the gig but I'm going up to London tomorrow; I really wanna get it already so am gonna make a concerted effort to get it! Also hoping to paint my guns and maybe get started on the P30 plugs since I've got the stuff for them now. Oh being a cosplayer and a
student -.-

EDIT: They arn't selling the bodysuit in-store anymore only online! fffff I feel like its all against me in getting this costume rolling >:C Determined to order it this weekend.

25th January 2013: Basesuit musings I was originally going to get my bodysuit online but I'm worried it might not fit me everywhere e.g. I'm really hippy and don't have a lot of boobs >< Luckily I'm going up to London next Sunday for a gig so will try the one on I have in mind and if it doesn't work out I shall go with my original plan to get one custom-made in my local dance shop. The only worry I have with this (which is why I decided to go with my second idea) is that it might be quite see-through which I don't want since I actually want to wear underwear, especially up top to give me some shape ._. Any thoughts on thgis would be mucho appreciated.

Aotorioni avatar

Aotorioni - 25th January 2013
love the umvc3 game, look foward to seeing the finished cosplay, good luck

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 26th January 2013
Yeah me too of late! I can't wait to wear it, thanks very much ^_^

ChibiMatsu avatar

ChibiMatsu - 26th January 2013
Big fan of the mvc francise, look foward to this, good luck, may go to london as viewtiful joe so it will be good to get a group picture with you and other mvc characters

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 26th January 2013
Awesome! It was my brother that got me into it tbh :3 Thank you, looking forward to your Joe and I'd too like one of us and then a big umvc3 group pic!!

cosplaymatt1 avatar

cosplaymatt1 - 28th January 2013
go rose ! i hope all goes smoothly can't wait to see progress pics henshin ago go baby ! another joe saahweeeet :D

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 28th January 2013
Aw thanks dude x3 I hope so too D: And I can't wait to properly get started on it!

Target aquired.

Let's have all the Joe's 8D