Hastune Miku (Eager Love Revenge) - Vocaloid


Hyper Japan 2011

Best Group CosParade Award Hyper Japan 2011


This was the first costume I made in 2011 - to be honest I think this cosplay really took my level to the next. First time working my sewing machine too!

This cosplay was a duo cosplay with someone called Lin who cosplayed Mikuo with me, however after this plan we never cosplayed together again because despite it was a pair cosplay - I made both our costumes with almost no help from her. But thanks to that I got more experience~!!!

The designs for Eager Love Revenge is pretty easy so the accuracy I made sure was 100% A lot of it was just hemming the sides of the details (patterns) and making sure they were all the same size.

I think this cosplay really pushed the importance of make up inside my head, prior to this I didn't think much of make up. Also it was my first time going on stage with cosplay, portraying the character and posing in role in front of many people was new to me - but I quite enjoyed it!

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8th January 2013

Miku ELR Cosplay

I don't have costume progress pictures from back then - however I did do a commission for Miku where I did take pictures XDD Here is the almost finished result.

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