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This was an unexpected character for me to cosplay, to say the least… At first, I hated Alois (poor Hannah); but now because of a cosplayer from the US... I’ve found myself liking him a whole lot. That cosplayer made me change my mind while I re-watched Kuroshitsuji for the hundred time. He's quite the character... So I just have to.
Besides, I'm short, he's short. We're perfect for each other, in other words.
And two of the many persons who have been cosplaying as Ciel with me when I've been cosplaying as Grell thought that "I was born to cosplay as Alois"... So I shall put my trust in that and hope they're right.
End of story.


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Progress Journal

19th June 2014

Waistcoat finished after a somewhat delay

Well, after a delay due to problems with my grandmothers’ old iron that I’ve been using up until now (don’t force me to go into detail with the problems, you don’t really need to know it and I’m still angry at it for ruining mainly my shirt for Levi, it’s rust all over the front pieces of it atm)... I’ve finally been able to finish the waistcoat, with the help of my very own iron that is awesome.

This time I didn’t make the pattern for the waistcoat, in fact, I got a pattern for one when I bought some other patterns (such as a pattern for neckties and cravats, etc, accessories to sum it up), so I simply edited that one a whole lot. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a green fabric with black stripes, so believe it or not, but I had to make the stripes for it. With black satin ribbon that I sewed onto a forest green polycotton fabric, thus making the stripes. It was a pain (I spent about two hours on each stripe to get it as strait as possible), but I’m pleased with them none the less – and happy it’s over, because it’s boring after a while doing it over and over again.
As always the collar didn’t cooperate with me (I hate collars…) but I was able to pull it off in the end anyway and I’m quite pleased with it, and the collar + the back of the waistcoat is the black gabardine from the attics (yes, I still have leftovers of it! My attics rules, lol). And the entire thing was finished off with some black lining and the most good-looking buttons I could find for a cheap price.

There’s still a few things on it that I’m not overly pleased with, but I guess that I’m “lucky” that it was mainly the lining that screwed things up this time (so no one but the judges if I were to enter a competition will see those failures). That and one thing on the back of it, which you won’t notice unless you’re the one ironing it. So four things overall is things I hate about it, even though they’re not very “large and noticeable” things. On another note I'm not sure if I like how the buttons and buttonholes turned out...

For now, you’ll have to live with this instagram photo, but someday when I’ve been able to transfer the photos from my camera to the computer I’ll go ahead and update it.

19th June 2014

I’m going to make a butterfly.

I for one have seen the OVA known as “the spider’s intention”, where Alois more or less save’s a butterfly’s life and then gets mad at it and thus tortures it.
Look at my cage that I bought several months ago on the hobby-store’s sale! Pretty... It’s not exactly as the one in the anime, but whatever, it’s close enough. I’ll paint it golden later on.

I’ve yet to decide exactly how I’m supposed to make the butterfly though, but I’ll figure something out. Some ideas have been “dancing” around in my mind since I decided to make one when I found this cage.

9th May 2014

A very delayed update of the shorts and bowtie (which were finished many,many,many months ago).

The shorts were made first, they’re based on a pattern that I bought but edited quite a lot to make them look more like Alois’ shorts (for example the pockets were completely changed and the length of them). I’m not completely pleased with them but I’d also lie if I were to say that I hate them – because I don’t hate them, a part of me is proud of them. They didn’t turn out as good as I wanted them to in the lower seams due to that I forgot to alter the pattern there and realized it only when I was about to fix them (I always do that part last of the trousers, so that’s why I didn’t notice it in time to be able to change it). The pattern itself still need some finishing touches before I use it again (it’s a tad too tight over the hips for my taste and a tad too wide over the waist).
The old gabardine fabrics from the attics were used again as well as some lining inside of the pockets (yes, I seem to have taking a liking to use lining inside them, I’ve no idea why, it just feels quite “me” to do that).
Also, I refuse to make them shorter than what they’re now, lol. I’m not girly enough to do that and cosplaying Alois will make me feel enough like a girl as it is. Besides, if I sit down, they’re just about the right length for Alois’ shorts, it’s just when I’m standing up that they’re not short enough. (x

The bowtie is also finished now, simple really… I’m quite used to making bows by now (after making two for Emily (one on her old dress and one on the new one) and then one for Grell’s coat… So I made this one the very same way with only some small changes. It’s made with black duchess satin. And I’m very proud of it, though, I realized after I had finished it that I should have placed the opening in the neck instead of behind the bow… Oh well, I might make another one in the future, so I’ll just remember to do it like so for that one. :3

(will update with photos someday… yes, I’ve a new camera to photograph WIP photos with, but now the problem is that my camera is too great for its own good and my computer is too old, so I can’t move the photos to it… I promise that I’ll try to fix it asap, because I think it’s boring to make progress updates without any pictures)

25th October 2013

Tha shoes has arrived! And the ring and a pair of stockings.

And are by far my most beloved shoes yet. Yes, I’m not fond of high heels, it makes you feel like a gal – which I don’t like feeling. But seriously, it’s so worth it. Just look at ‘em shoes (though, my photo doesn't give them justice)! It took me forever to find a seller that actually sold brown shoes for Alois and not some greyish or blackish ones. These shoes made my life complete, to say the least.
Though, since they were rather expensive I will take them to a local shoemaker to fix them up at a few parts before I start to use them for real. After all, I don’t want those shoes to die on me, because they’re so fabulous and I want them to last me a lifetime.
I’ll most likely change the ribbon and bows later on, because these are in a rather light shade of purple and my coat will be rather dark compared to them. So I want them to match each other. I’ve some dark purple satin laying around that I could use, or if I get any leftovers after making the coat I could use that. We’ll have to wait and see; but I will change them nonetheless.

Also, the ring has arrived too, it's gorgeous and fits me perfectly.

Lastly, a few days before the shoes arrived my stockings came around too. I’m not entirely sure though if they’ll work to have for Alois, or if I should buy some tights or something and “slay”. We’ll see once the shorts are finished whether or not I’ll use them.