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I’m not too girly (some even mistakes me for a guy on several different forums that I visit and a few mistakes me for a guy when they see me in real life as well, lol), I’m not too fond of girly clothes and I honestly am more like a guy. I also rarely take a liking to female characters in series, I don’t know why; but they simply don’t “speak” to me as much as male characters do. However, Will of the Abyss, aka Alice, is one of those few female characters that I really like. That’s why she’s one of those I’ve decided to cosplay.
I’ve never in my life made a dress, but I still want to do this cosplay during 2013 because I really want to cosplay her. And I guess that a part of me wants to prove to my parents that I too can be that pretty little girl, dressing up in a white dress and be that little “princess” they always wanted me to be (besides, my mother is angry at me because I never wear girly-clothes, so this will hopefully make it up for her. If she doesn’t deem this as girly, then I don’t know what she means when she says that I should wear female-clothes instead of borrowing stuff from my bro).

I'm aming for to have this done to Kawaiicon 03.


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