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Break is one of my six number one favourite characters of all time (not to mention that Pandora Hearts is one of my favourite series). So I’ve pretty much decided to do more than one version of his clothes. This time it’ll be the version that I refer to as “hatter” (I believe that’s what most use to refer to these clothes).
Also, this is the best excuse ever to have for buying a top hat.


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Progress Journal

4th June 2013

The hat finally arrived

I've pretty much had this cosplay on hold for months now, but I've never stopped looking for a proper hat for this.

And two weeks ago I was lucky for once. I bought a top hat to use as a base for Break's awesome hat (and other cosplays that I need a top hat for). It's goodlooking and comfy, it's more or less the right size (it will probably fit better when I wear a wig, since it's slightly too large even though 56 is my size on hats) and it's very old (so I've to be careful with it when it's time to make a fitting "cover" for it. September 20, 1941 is the date stated in the newspaper that I got with it and it's my only clue to the last time someone actually used it before me). Unfortunately it smells funny (not "haha"-funny, just funny as in strange or odd), so I've to figure out how to make that vague smell of mainly smoke and horse to go away from it (I'm allergic to horses and due to my astma I can't really stand being around any kind of smoke either).

But it's at least one step in the right direction now.

(sorry for another crappy iPad picture, once again I was too lazy to photograph with D60)

8th February 2013

Mad Hatter

The first little thing for this cosplay (who isn’t exactly a “real” part of it) is now all done. I decided to make a tiny Mad Hatter. ...Emily forced me to make him, lol.

The fabric on his hat, cloak, and eye are made with a cotton fabric (I’ve no idea what it’s called though), some old felt for the thorns on the hat and the purple fabric for his roses were made using crushed velvet.
A whole lot of wire was used up to make a base for the hat itself and two pieces within the collar. Then some good old clay to sculpture the skull, some beads for the “spikes” on each side of the eye (I had planned to sculpture those as well, but I couldn’t come up with a good way to attach them, so I decided to use some old beads instead), and a pendant for his mirror. At last some purple pieces of feathers as well as I “borrowed” a pin for it all. I used my calligraphy pen to write his little “note” on the hat and my promarkers to paint the two cards and the “Love and peace”-card on a few pieces of my favourite paper that I always use for sketches and drawings; everything else were painted with acrylics.

Sorry about the crappy quality of the photos... I'll get some with better quality asap.