Fluttershy knight
My little pony: Friendship is magic

Cosplayer: mavvy75

Variant: Fursuit

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

24th May 2013: Fluttershy will debut at MCM 2013!


The Fluttershy fursuit is about 95% finished.

omfg you don’t believe how fucking proud and amazed and just afgsdfd I am at nearing completion of this damn project.

Just need to make the mane, finish off the bottom of the legs, making the nose and cutie mark and then it’s finished.



I didn’t think it would, but my dad has been working so hard to try and get it done in time and omg I am so proud of him. It looks fucking amazing. Like seriously I just want to cry.

I’ve got photos of me wearing the whole thing with the armour, but I’m not sure whether to upload it yet cuz it’s looking a bit scruffy cuz I rushed putting it on and also it’s unfinished so yeah I don’t think I will until I’ve completely finished it.

But yeah. It’s going to get done in time for the expo :D

20th May 2013: Bad news. Unfortunately, Fluttershy won't be appearing at the may 2013 London Expo, as she is still incomplete ):
I still need to work on the mane, tail, hand hooves, wings and armour, and in the space of 4 days, it's not going to be finished ):

But hopefully she'll be done for the October expo in which case if I do go then I'll be taking her :D

I was really looking forward to going to the May expo as Fluttershy, but I guess it can't be helped ):

Satellite avatar

Satellite - 7th January 2013
This is going to be amazingballs *-* Good luck with it C:

mavvy75 avatar

mavvy75 - 19th January 2013
Thank you! ^__^

springinstep avatar

springinstep - 14th April 2013
I've been hoping somebody might do the armour versions. It's really interesting to read about your dad doing armour for movies and such, I think I remember seeing him that October. Good luck with it all!

mavvy75 avatar

mavvy75 - 20th May 2013
Sorry for the late reply, but thank you!! :D

Mr. Sat-Ash avatar

Mr. Sat-Ash - 27th May 2013
^o^ Aww. That's so cute!

mavvy75 avatar

mavvy75 - 28th May 2013
Thank you!! :D