Luka - Secret of Mana


AyaCon 2013




I chose to do this because 1: I thought I'd suit her and 2: Maz and Angelphie are doing the two main ladies so I desided to join in :3

I am saying complete, I am only waiting for the scarf to dip dye and then it is done buuut that's in the post n will take me a whole 5 mins to dip it and then I get to leave it :D so meh!


madmazda86 posted on 16 July, 2013 - 20:56
Skirt is so shiny! :D

Raine posted on 16 July, 2013 - 21:40
Wait till you see the dark blue fabric for the top XD Shiny shiiiiiiine~

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

24th July 2013


Velcro for the belt to go and some invisible straps (to be on the safe side) a crown to make and to dip dye a shawl. Zzzz

16th July 2013


Uno skirt! Now to get the top, belt and crown done. Oh and dip dye the shawl

23rd June 2013


I already had a light blue wig, I've managed to de-naught it but I cant find my anti static spray which would help so if I cant find it it'll be either a spray of water or hairspray it down zzz!

I've been in the mood to sew but I cant when people are asleep which is usually when I wanna sew, crap I know.

I believe I could get this cosplay done in a day, not including the crown so maybe when the old man wakes up today I'll get started :3

15th January 2013

Ears arrived!

A little big for my ears but once I trim it and get the gum I need it'll be fiiiiiine :D

9th January 2013


I ordered the elfy ears I need for this tonight! They will also be useful for Zelda cosplay :3

Also I already had the perfect wig for this, unfortunatly it is 5 years old n in need of a good brushing.... Save me!!!!

9th January 2013

Fabric time!

This be my fabric so far, I have dark blue silk to buy and craft foam to make the crowny, might cheat n usse the stiff interfacing I have n the gold fabric... Hmmm!