Nabari no Ou

Cosplayer: Masahara

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

yuubalu avatar

yuubalu - 6th January 2013
Your beautiful face <3 Come visit again if it actually decides to snow this year, because Nabari photos in the snow is like my dream 8D

DangerousBox avatar

DangerousBox - 28th September 2013
Now i know who this is, i just don't even know! xD
Yoite plz at least take your scarf with you!

Yotsuba avatar

Yotsuba - 24th October 2013
The feels ;_; Love this manga so much. Nice to see someone cosplaying it! <3

Masahara avatar

Masahara - 6th November 2013
@yuubalu We will have this snow shoot >=(
@DangerousBox Feels be everywhere!!
@Yotsuba Thanks ^_^ This was actually one of my first ever cosplays back in 2009 its nice to be able to rewear him again now in 2013 ^_^

Shadowland13 avatar

Shadowland13 - 27th January 2014
Awesome! (: