Claude C Kenni - Star Ocean EX





Worn at many diferent US conventions in my early days around 2002 BW (before wigs)!

The main attraction would be the jacket again and its wonderfully lurid green colour! A major first time that I used foam in boot modifications too!

Where to start? I found the garishly coloured fabric by chance and thought "Yeah! that would be perfect!" because initially I couldn't even find that particular colour except in bedsheets (which I almost used).

So used one of my jackets as a template for the pattern and sewed it all together (as a note this jacket was one of the few pieces never to get any lining!). The patch was ironed on from fabric cutouts and words written in fabric marker.
Headband was a piece of wide red ribbon.
Gloves were made of the same green fabric. Traced around my hands to make a glove template and cut off the fingers. Added some extra for the cuff area. Sewed up and then used red bias to finish the cuff edges!
Trousers/pants were bought. Another chance find as tight pairs of pure white jeans aren't readily available, especially in those days!
Belt and sheath were made from upholstery leatherette. The buckle was a luggage strap clip that was covered in card and coloured in gold marker. Same for the edges of the seath and the endof the sheath (held in place with hotglue).
There was a sword in the sheath, but that broke at the foot of the blade. It was a toy sword too that was used to size up the sheath when I made that.
The boots were a pair of boots that were bought and strategically covered with green foam (which eerily came in the same lurid green colour as my jacket fabric, almost). The foam was glued in two stages. The first layer was stapled on at the top of the sole then the second layer was glued over it.


SarahSaiyan posted on 5 January, 2010 - 21:05
awesome cosplay! XD the boots look great :) star ocean 2 is so underdone so it's nice to see others who like it ^_^