Ike - Fire Emblem / Super Smash Bros. Brawl




This is the second costume I ever made for myself, And it is of Ike from the Fire Emblem series and he is also also a playable character in the 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl' game.
This costume was one which I initially thought would be simple to create, But soon became quite apparent that it was going to be hard to get it all spot on, what with all of his little items and details which are absent on any characters from the Naruto universe.
It was great fun to wear at first, but it soon became far too small to wear (since my body took on a muscular shape over a fatty shape shortly after) and had to be retired to the back of my wardrobe. It's also important for me to remember that this is the costume that got me my first and only girlfriend

Within my household, this costume is forever known as 'the day which made G~P a transvestite'. This is because just about every item of clothing that the costume utilises was originally a female item of clothing. The list of these goes:

1. The blue tunic was made out of an old blue womens suit that was a glorious find in a charity shop. It cost me only £10 and was as perfect as it could be for what I needed. I managed to unstitch one of the parts at the back to lengthen the tail and then I sewed some strips of yellow fabric (made from an old pillowcase) onto it to make the yellow trim. This is great untill my Biceps became WAY too huge for the arms and began to rip the stitching underneath.

2. The Cream trousers were found in the womens section of another charity shop. They just happened to be the best fit for the description and cheap at the same time. They were great untill I tried to wear them for an extended period of time, historically womens clothes do not have space for male genetalia, so i was left in fair discomfort for the majority of my time wearing the costume. they later became impossible to even get on after my legs got bigger after a few years of cycling a dozen miles every day.

3. The breastplate (not used on the costumes first run as it hadnt even been finished yet) was the product of some incredible ingenuinety and imagination after noticing that my mums old handbag had the same pattern as Ike's breastplate. Seeing as it originally cost only £1 I decided it was worth it for the sake of a good costume and proceded to cut and sew it in order to make the breastplate, the top strap was actually just the handle of the original handbag-which was just large enough to go around my neck and left armpit-and the bottom strap was one of my mums elastic belts (which has a butterfly styled buckle on it. This hid behind the cloak and stayed WELL out of sight XD

4. The black leggings were made out of a pair of womens trousers. Which were necessary to give the 'shiny' look which Ike's normal leggings had. These were held in place primarily with safety pins which needed replacing often.

as for other things:

The cloak was simply a large cut of fabric from a stall-owner in the local town. It was tied with the same effect as Ike's and then held in that position by using a safety pin or two.

The shoes were just an old pair of my grandads work shoes which happened to be the right colour, the caps on the end were white wall stickies (and were also used on the gloveS)

The various belts were simply my old belts which had become too old or too small to use normally

The gloves were just black rubber gloves with the aforementioned white stickies to make the pattern.

In later iterations, my old work tie was used as the fabric wrapped around Ike's waist.

I cut up an old green T-shirt for his bandanna.

the fabric wrapped around Ike's arms was replaced by masking tape. This was a great idea untill it was time to take it off and then it ripped almost all of my arm-hair off.

The mighty sword was made out of wood from a tree that I cut down in my back garden. It was then cut into shape on a woodwork lathe by me and my grandad. I then left him to finish the final touches (he was having so much fun with it that he wanted me to let him finish it on his own lol) and voila! A fairly accurate Ragnell sword!


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