The Fear (commission) - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater





How do you get full groups? By offering to make all the costumes...

Bought and custom-painted a boiler suit for Mangachild, all other aspects of the costume are his own work!


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Progress Journal

12th April 2013

Suit up

Work on this for me isn't actually going to be that complicated (thank goodness). Mike has offered to sort out his own belts/harness, boots, contacts etc, so all I've had to do is get a boiler suit which I'm going to camo-paint. The Fear's camo pattern is quite odd, more streaks than patches, but it should actually be a bit easier to do that way. I guess it's meant to look like spider webs as it's called "Spider camo".

The boiler suit is a slightly brighter green than I wanted, so I'll compare it to references and see if I want to dye it a bit darker. Thankfully it's cotton so regular hand dye will be fine.