Zetsu - Naruto


This costume was actually only decided on at the start of october '08. I was originally going to cosplay as Gaara (from Naruto) but decided on Zetsu after I saw him for the first time in the Naruto manga.

This was my very first attempt at a cosplay and I admit, I did 'cheat' a bit by buying an Akatsuki cloak and not making it myself. But I was strapped for time and I don't own a sewing machine (infact, I still dont. Any stuff i've done since then was by hand) so I had to buy one, Ironically, this was 90% of the cost for the costume. (it also came with the sandals. But they needed fixing REGULARLY, A terrible buy)

The most challenging (and fun) part of the costume was easily the Green headpiece. At the time, I had never heard of any of these items such as 'cosplay foam' and other lightweight costume materials, So this was made from chicken wire (fashioned from the leftovers of my Rabbits wire 'run') and molded into a shape that went over (and subsequently immobilized) my shoulders and biceps. I then put MANY separate layers of papier maché over the chicken wire untill it began to have some structure. I then painted it using green/black paint plus some PVC glue mixed in to strengthen the paper. While it looked pretty good (and it held for a grand total of 6 different long days before finally giving into rust and decomposition) and was sturdy (perfect for Naruto fangirls and their rugby-esque glomping), It was INCREDIBLY heavy and led to some permanent nerve damage in my right arm after having a sharp peice of metal digging into a nerve.

The face paint and hairspray was Applied by my mum on all occasions, Because she is a legend and I would not have made any of my cosplays without her valued help.

The costume fell to peices once I got home after it's last outing (London MCM Expo May 2011) and had a worthy funeral before being placed in my dustbin. R.I.P Zetsu Headpeice.

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