Jerid Messa - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam


Since this isnt a costume for competition ive taken a jeacket and procedding to cut bits off add bits on ect ect

Haynes84 posted on 6 February, 2009 - 14:59
Jerid Messa is awesome cant wait for this dude

White Leviathan posted on 6 February, 2009 - 17:48

Anonymous posted on 7 February, 2009 - 11:52

YURAN posted on 10 February, 2009 - 14:22
Thanks for your comment. Oh,I like Jerid!! I'm looking forward to your Jerid's cosplay!!

Anonymous posted on 10 February, 2009 - 23:34
Looking good :D

White Leviathan posted on 10 February, 2009 - 23:50
THE MARK II's A PIECE OF TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looking good

ryaoki posted on 10 February, 2009 - 23:54

Defrain posted on 11 February, 2009 - 11:23
lookign fat is what im looking ive almost lost my 6 pack T_T need to train harder and thanks all

ryaoki posted on 3 March, 2009 - 21:43
very nice

Haynes84 posted on 3 March, 2009 - 21:51
lookin awesome dude

kitty posted on 3 March, 2009 - 22:15
woah! lookin awesome so far! look forward to seeing this finished x

nanahara posted on 4 March, 2009 - 01:10
jacket is looking brilliant man

Defrain posted on 4 March, 2009 - 14:04
cheers guys

hakuloveszabuza posted on 16 March, 2009 - 19:25
Ahhh so this us the costume you were telling me about...looking awesome, you have done a great job on it so far and I am looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. An awesome and very productive weekend...well for us anyway lmao Dan needs to sort out a costume now!

Bunni posted on 26 March, 2009 - 10:07
Looks fantastic hun! Shame I won't be there to see it! Thanks again for long distance looking after me on Tuesday really appriciated it! xxxxxxxxxx

Z-Man posted on 30 March, 2009 - 18:23
Awesome cosplay! Seeing a load of Zeta characters together made my night. Shame I didn't recognise the most important character of Amuro until too late...

AmethystEyes posted on 31 March, 2009 - 18:37
And once again you use my facebook photos, because I'm that great. On another note, great cosplay! :P

YURAN posted on 9 July, 2009 - 08:50
Wow!your Jerid is nice!! Jerid's costume looks good on you^^

Defrain posted on 9 July, 2009 - 17:16
thanks might be doing captain henken and or char in chars counter attack love your haman karn

YURAN posted on 9 July, 2009 - 19:37
Thanks for the compliment my haman^^ Char in CCA!!!Really?? I cosplaying Nanai^^ I'm looking forward to your char in CCA!!

Anonymous posted on 13 September, 2009 - 10:38
omg i saw u yestarday at cosplay roadshow! i was the gundam box!♥

JakeX posted on 9 October, 2009 - 21:29
Dude i never did mention how much i loved your jacket :D

Ino posted on 24 June, 2010 - 17:38
Jerid is one of my favourite characters from Zeta! I love all the photos, and the uniform is spot on :) I'm sad I didn't get to see this one ...

Defrain posted on 25 June, 2010 - 07:14
cheers jerrid is awesome

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