disturbing doll (pink) - Ib





I used a blue morphsuit to get the blue skin and a pink linen as the dolls dress. 2 cans of toy haircolor(black)(but would have needed 3), hairspray and brushed against the grain to get my hair like that. red lipstick to get my lips and the area around my eyes red and face colors from halloween to get the blue skin in my face and the black stripes on my lips.

I needed a last minute costyme for Chillcon - Le return of Björn. It was really fun and some people got scared and a few got REALLLLY Scared XD


AkujiDelano posted on 6 January, 2013 - 18:09
I literally just saw this on the front page and SHRIEKED [partly because I cosplay Garry and partly because OH WOW this looks fantastic nice job!!!] I never thought I'd see a cosplay from this! ovo hope you have a nice time at your con, and that people recognise you! It's getting very popular now, so it's likely you will c:

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