Kagamine Len (Setsugetsuka) - Vocaloid




I had this costume planned for October MCM Expo 2012 but my friends were starting a group and needed a Len - for certain reasons my original plan couldn't work out so I decided to change plans to Len.

The costume was quite hectic and a lot of it was done by guessing... The only references is quite confusing and awkward to recreate so instead, with permission, I made my Len Setsugetsuka cosplay similar to Hitomi's cosplay of Len (H-I-T-O-M-I on deviantArt) ultimately using her as my reference.

The top I attempted to make patterns for however they didn't really work out so instead I did my trademark method yet again of cutting out squares then trial and error. Luckily it was simple to do as there are no sleeves~! The collar I just used yellow poly cotton and just sewn it on. The patterns were later done with red fabric pens.
As for sleeves, I was pretty cheap with. I used poly cotton again however I got some beautiful paintwork commission done by Jennifer (Invader-Jay on deviantArt) so I was very pleased with them! Worth every penny paid!! Without question the sleeves for Setsugetsuka were simply a block of fabric haha, so it was pretty easy to sew.
The bottom half of the costume was quite confusing. I assume he was wearing a hakama but with my limited skills, I just made 2 large pleated skirt. One plain black one as a base (you can just see some black at the bottom from the reference), I used drill for that as it felt nice to use as a base XDD! Then a red fabric for the outer layer. Again I had some paintwork commission on that as well by Jennifer - after I just pleated that and top layer of the 'hakama' was complete. The red fabric was quite pricey (I don't know it's name) but it was quite thin and light but strong... It worked nicely either way so i'm glad I brought that!
Now for the most expensive part. His bow (or Obi thing) - I used silk for all of this and gosh.. It is SO expensive!!! My wallet suffered a lot here. The bow it self I got a metal hanger and twisted it in shape of a bow, then taped the edges down with wire tape so it was nice and safe. After I just cut and sewn the silk accordingly to fit the wire creating the bow. There was a lot of random cords and tassels around on Hitomi's cosplay of Len, so I recreated that as well. As the song is called Setsugetsuka or Fleeting Moon Flower, I think all the random drapes etc. really represented the word 'fleeting' as because of the scrappy way it's attached, the position it keeps changes almost all the time.
The hair pieces is made thanks to Tana (the Gakupo of the group) and to Kat (Kitty2kit on deviantArt) who made them for me Saturday night at expo! I'm so grateful as I was pretty much dead and worn out I couldn't have done it myself!


DarkShodowOwner posted on 1 April, 2014 - 15:41
Soo good you make a really awsome Len keep up!

Progress Journal

1st May 2012

Setsugetsuka - Final WIP

Before the collar, hakama and sleeve were finished - was pretty satisfied at this point!