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I chose this version of Miku ultimately because I found the designs for Sandplay of the Dragon extremely beautiful and some how delicate. Not to mention the lyrics and the song itself is very dark and intriguing - you just want to know more and what is the best way to do that other than cosplaying it? To cosplay something you have to go in depth about the character to understanding them and getting the gist of their costume design!!!

I knew this was going to be quite a challenge with me as I never made a dress before and the details need quite a bit of attention - I knew I had to start early and not leave this as a last minute cosplay again (usually i'm quite a last minute worker orz..) I started this cosplay when I was in Hong Kong - luckily for me I met up with some friends there and from Singapore and we went fabric shopping together, it was helpful as they helped me chose what sort of fabrics worked best! Also thanks to them I managed to purchase fabric and a very cheap price compared to fabrics in England. But trimmings, lace and ribbon was equally pricey (this was the quite expensive bit). In Hong Kong I brought a new sewing machine however as i'm only there for a limited amount of time, I didn't see the need to go splashing out on an expensive sewing machine so I just brought a small one... Obviously this gave many limitations (especially speed... So slow!!!) however I was still able to sew the sleeves and the front panel (corset-thing) of the costume. I did actually sew the entire top base of the costume however it didn't come out as nicely as I wanted... I also got to make Miku's hat as well, it was quite fun shopping for the bits and bobs to make it and choosing what materials to use~!

When I got back to England the first thing I did was resew the top base - luckily I brought quite a lot of the black fabric in Hong Kong so I had plenty left to use. After a couple times of un-stitching I was happy with the results! Now I had the collar to neaten (+decor) and the skirt then trail to make.
Originally I wanted to make the costume like a dress but with my limited skills and time left until the debut date (October expo 2012) I decided to make a skirt instead... Actually i'll reveal my terrible secret, I only made the front of the skirt - the back was just a piece of black fabric... I never made a patterned skirt before neither did I know how to and with the time left it was the best I could do. The back trail covered up the skirt anyway so it worked out well.
The trail... Well, I didn't get any fabrics from Hong Kong for this part and so this was the very expensive part of the costume. I wanted the trail to look like stars to illustrate the lyrics in the song. "So far is the heavens coloured with sparkling stars." so I decided to use manly nets with glitter, embroided with sequins, and to stick gems onto plain black net. The plain nets were cheap however the other sparkly nets costed quite a fortune (especially purchasing them at my local fabric shop, the prices were quite high). The gems I got off eBay and stuck around 50 gems onto the nets all stuck individually with any cosplayers' best friend - the glue gun. I was quite happy with the final result of the trail. I hand sewn the trail to the skirt (as it was too thick to actually go under the machine) also some credit to my mother helping me hand sew (I really HATE hand sewing, I normally use my machine for every tiny bit of sewing XDD).
After it was just the finishing touches! I had got some purple lace for the collar again on eBay (it was impossible to find in Hong Kong and England...) and finally after that - I was finished!!!

So wearing the costume...
Well I was actually very uncomfortable with it because the skirt was quite short and quite a lot of chest was some what revealed. Obviously it is not supposed to be a revealing costume however I was so used to cosplaying males or 'badass' female characters so it did take a lot of courage to cosplay... However i'm happy to have been able to cosplay from Sandplay of the Dragon as it was my dream cosplay for a while, I never imagined I would be able to make it!

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30th December 2012

Hatsune Miku Sandplay progress

Pictures of the entire progress from the start!!! If you're unsure what's what please ask!

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