Nicholas St.North (Film version) - Rise of the Guardians

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I am quite possibly going to regret this, but this is probably going to be my 'big cosplan of the year' as it will inevitably take a loooong time and cost a small fortune to produce and I will have to learn/develop new skills in order to complete this.

The hardest thing I think, will probably be learning the Russian accent...(Famous last words)

I haven't got a clue when this will be complete, but I'm hoping to have it done before Easter 2014... (lets give ourselves plenty of time to make this, at least before the next big snow)

(Cannot wait to make me some elves - except they aren't going to be anywhere near my cookies!)


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Progress Journal

6th December 2013

So it's getting closer to Christmas 2013...

... and the progress made on this is slowing down due to lack of time (and secretly working on the book version of North at the same time (shhhh, don't tell anyone) which is progressing nicely)

However: I have at least got most of the base items bought, so I hope to get the majority of the pattern-making/sewing/fur-stitching done on the coat done, and the shirt made, and hopefully the trousers acquired before the end of December. Then I can spend January making the belt, the tattoos and (possibly) a sack-bag to carry things in!
Well, written like that makes it sound like I've done nothing at all... The hat is finished, the wig&beard have arrived, the boots have been dragged out of the shoebox, the coat pattern has been sorted, I just need TIME to make it now!

Still, once I've got most of this put together, I have a reason to annoy my Bunnymund and Sandy to start/finish theirs!