Sheryl Nome (Christmas White) - Macross Frontier



I saw the Christmas figures for Sheryl and Ranka ages and ages ago and showed them to Bernie who said she'd wanted to do the Ranka for ages. So we threw them together for something of a last minute shoot.

I made everything too big XD

Resorted to using my gogo boots because I couldn't find my thigh high socks and my thigh high boot covers with I made for DP: Flash made my legs look chunky when combined with the skirt. Nabbed the gloves from my Sailor Pluto costume, the red boot toppers from Kaye and the petticoat and red lace trim both came from Red Alice. I had just enough of the trim left over to do the bodice, gloves and chocker. The ribbon for which was left over from a commission. The lower tiers of the skirt (the darker red) were made with fabric I originally bought for a Chii costume that I'll never do now. So lots of recycling and left over and re-use went into this costume which I'm happy about.

I sewed my Annelise wig onto the bottom of my Sheryl wig but both of them have seen better days so I might invest in a new Sheryl wig. And also get around to watching past episode of 3 of Frontier >>;; I meant to honest...I just...forgot.

There's actually a snowflake organza on the bodice which accounts for the sparkles but I don't think it shows up in any of the photos. Going to take a couple more at home with the tree and some lights so maybe it'll show up then.

The worse part of this costume would be the skirt tinsel, that was a bit of a disaster XD I might replace it with actual tinsel for that Christmas touch.

Pandora-Chi posted on 30 December, 2012 - 16:40
SO SO HAWT GIRL!! Who needs Christmas decorations when you two are it <3

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