Sayaka Akimoto - AKB0048


To go with a huge AKB0048 group!
I don't know why I'm Sayaka, I really don't suit her as I am like the shortest person ever and she's a giant. But oh well, I like her \o/

Costume bought from hutaojiazicosplay on Taobao.
Wig bought from Lucaille.

Bought everything as it was easier to match everyone in the group.

The black skirt however is just a circle skirt that is just longer than the original so that it hovers over it and doesn't show underneath.

For Hyper Japan I had to borrow boots off Rachel (our Acchan) because I left my military boots at home home whilst at work ;____;
I'll have proper boots when I rewear this costume (but as Yuki) at Ayacon~

TheStarlightFairy posted on 22 August, 2013 - 22:07
You look so super-cute in this!

2m black bi-stretch suiting

Total cost: £0.00

26th July 2013


Just made the skirt, horray! Made from bi-stretch suiting. I'm using Yuki's skirt as a petticoat because the suiting is dense enough you can't see underneath. That and I don't have the time to make a new black petticoat. I lost my old one a while back ;___; Time Taken: 2hrs

25th June 2013


This is the same as my Yuki journal hurrrr |D;;; Need to make a plain black skirt then I can call this complete~ I have the wig as well, I just got out of bed and was still a zombie to the world OTL.

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