Emma Sheen - Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam




The most hated costume of the year i name this as i hate green!


ryaoki posted on 5 February, 2009 - 01:50
no doubt jakes doings ...haha and tut tut tsubakii , but thisll be a good one to see

stripey_dani posted on 5 February, 2009 - 16:04
Wooo Gundam!

White Leviathan posted on 10 February, 2009 - 00:25

Defrain posted on 10 February, 2009 - 11:38
L.T emma armed and ready

Sephirayne posted on 19 February, 2009 - 00:56
Yay! Gundam. Can't wait to see.

Tak posted on 25 February, 2009 - 23:57

MangaChild posted on 27 February, 2009 - 09:29
Chibi Gundam is too cute I cant believe it took 3-4 hours, you must be super human!! The tinyiest bits of card and glue theb painting too!"?????... i donk know you you have the patence but well worth the work

Sephirayne posted on 27 February, 2009 - 19:43
Cool! The helmet is looking ace. You really know how to put cosplay together really quickly.

Uber-Nerd posted on 28 February, 2009 - 10:44
Man, when I first saw the pictures I thought it was life size. Then I see it next to your keyboard and I'm like "Woah! It's tiny!" Tab

Odd-One-Out posted on 1 March, 2009 - 16:14
Haha I remember when I made a Gundam papercraft, took agess

Sephirayne posted on 2 March, 2009 - 01:34
Teeny Chilbi Mecha looking awesome. Your doing a great job.

GunstarVixen posted on 2 March, 2009 - 12:24
wow this is looking amazing! I can't wait to see it!

Bunni posted on 2 March, 2009 - 14:25
Your making great progess hun. Yay for little Gundam ^_^ so cute!

stripey_dani posted on 24 March, 2009 - 19:50
Hahahaa I just realised its mini! xD

Defrain posted on 24 March, 2009 - 19:52
emma's no titan she may have been once but that was a long time ago

Kaka Extreme posted on 24 March, 2009 - 20:53
i dunno got bored and headdress pissed me off and plus the logo looked nice, not like im ever gonna wear this again so meh! who cares if i get it wrong its a fucking belt and logo!

Defrain posted on 24 March, 2009 - 21:02
indeed well the plus is you get to be a titan now like me wahey

kimpey posted on 4 April, 2009 - 15:02
that group rocked nice work

To-Do List

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Progress Journal

2nd March 2009

Chibi MKII- Engine

Well the engine is finally done! wooooooooo

this was alot of stress as everything was sooo small and i was having problems curving certain shapes as they aren't meant to be bent, that was pain! TT_TT and then having the shapes not sticking togather DX ahhhhh... don't really know why put maybe of the paper as the tape took off most of the colour and then once you stick another piece on it sticks!

oh well least i finished it in the end woooo and hopefully shall be sticking it to the rest of the body soooooon XD

1st March 2009

Chibi MKII- Hip

OK just finished the hip for the small thing lol

this took 5 hours to make! plus the whole of Death Note the movie O_O

^^;; well the main reason for that was the shapes of the objects, they wear really hard to find the correct one as all the shaped seemed the same, i was at a point of just sticking anything together lol but luckily i didn't and at the same time found a missing piece which i forgot to cut and that was a piece which goes on the hip! so that was lucky!

Anyhoo heres a 5 hour work... now the body is done 8) wooooo!

1st March 2009

Chibi MKII- Chest

wooooo on to the chest already YAY!!!! almost there me thinks... I WISH!!!

this-was the most hardest part i have had up to now, due to different colours, some have like almost the same shapes, and then folding objects that is as small as one half of the nail on your little finger and sticking it down! dear lord this was a challenge for sure!

Though its finished i not too happy with the out come of the body but i don't think i will be remaking it lol, there is a few mistakes on the body, like the two shades of blue don't join too well, i have had to alter certain slots to allow other sections to be able to slot in, so aint too bad i guess...

well here we have it... 4 hours of my time on a chest LOL... this is time consuming here XD

1st March 2009

Chibi MKII- Head

OK next day I have decided to be like a normal person and work from the top! as this may help me more as into how to join everything together later on!!!

so... what was it like?... make the head wasn't too bad as the shapes and patterens where easy to find and work ot as there isn't a repeat of the same shape XD though the main problem was bending the paper and card as this is like a hand size model, the paper was too hard to bend to a point as you don't want to crease it too much or the colour will goo DX what a pain!

But hell got there in the end 83 ... once everything was stick and shaped the next thing was just slotting everything together 8D its good how everything slots together perfectly i still choose to stick them down using double sided tape... just in case it falls apart during minamicon XD i don't fancy sitting down for ever refixing a lil thing lol even if i love it so much haha!

So here you go! a head which took approx 3-4 hours to make...

1st March 2009

Chibi MKII- Feet

OK thought I'll make a journal of this damn gundam which is slowly taking over my life lol before i lose all these progress pics and then take me lke 2 years to find them again like an actual costume of mine! argh!

Anyways!!! I first started making the feet as i believed it was the easiest of all to make, though to begin with i decided to cut up everything and just make it, but i realised that didn't really help! so i had to read ... well more like look as the tutorial/instructions are in japanese i spent hours siting down looking at pictures and trying to work out with object looked lke the one in the photo to glue together.

And 3 hours later... i give you the unfinished feet XD i gave up after 3 hours but im half way through it! wooo... just the feet lol