The Little (Deluxe Clow Card) - Card Captor Sakura




Basically I've done The Big and adore the hat so why not?
Keeping with The Big I'll be going for lycra again for everything mostly because it's awesome to work with for the triangle sleeves and so cool to wear. Not sure what I'll be doing about the baggyness of the main piece, I'm going to rewatch the episode and see how it falls and possibly go for tulle.

Fabric - £70
Wig - £28.50
Fosshape - £65
Taxi to fosshape - £30

Total - £193.50


Leonie Heartilly posted on 4 February, 2009 - 21:39
Look forward to seeing it =) Clow Card cosplays are always interesting.

kilik_hiwatari posted on 3 March, 2009 - 17:22
ah! one of my favourite cards XD I look forward to seeing it once it's finished

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Progress Journal

10th August 2009


What an absolute hassle this has been. I originally ordered 2 yards of fosshape thinking it'd be enough for both hats. Stupidly, I forgot that the hats needed two sides so it ended up only being enough for the Rain.
I ordered another 4 yards on the 3rd thinking it'd come in more than enough time as the last lot took about a week total...yeah never assume.
When it got to the 8th and there was no word of even a shipping notice I began to get worried and contacted the seller (Cosplay Supplies) asking if it had been shipped as I needed it by this weekend. After sending another email as there was no reply to the first I got a reply telling me that the order was being processed and it would arrive "on schedule" and they would send the tracking info today when the warehouse was open. By this time I'd already contacted another UK seller ( asking them if there was any way they could ship out in time if I ordered this week.

Today, around 2pm I still had no reply from Dani (who I assume runs cosplay supplies). I sent yet another email asking if the order had even been shipped yet and if it hadn't could I just cancel (as it obviously wasn't going to arrive in time now). It seems my question was answered when I got a notification from paypal that my money had been refunded. Some nice customer service there.
Luckily at this point I'd already gotten a reply from Flints and had ordered what I needed from them with the promise that it would ship the very next day.

I'm now waiting until my order arrives so I can head round to our new house on wednesday so I can finish the costume!

20th July 2009

Half way there

Spent a good amount of yesterday working on this. I've got the cape and the main body suit fully done so that just leaves the hat which I can start once the fosshape arrives. I've decided not to pad the legs as it doesn't look great on the people who have already tried it. Instead I've gone for something similar to the Arabian trousers in Aladin.