Rhyme - The World Ends With You


KitaCon 2010




I adored Rhyme's design from the second I saw her and she instantly became my favourite character once she appeared in the game. I knew I was gonna cosplay her at some point.

The hat: was store bought and I made the skull out of some spare white material I had.

The wig: I had originally bought for cosplaying as Honey from Ouran High School Host Club but it didn't look right for him so I put him on hold and decided that I could use the wig for Rhyme instead. All I had to do to the wig was shorten it and thin it out a little bit. Can't really tell with the hat on anyway, lol!

The Jumper: I bought a white long sleeved top out of Primark but I got it a couple of sizes larger than what I actually am as Rhyme's jumper is quite baggy. I then dyed it peach and once it was dry I then cut out the skull design on some black material I had and then I actually glued it on as I wasn't quite sure what other way to do it at the time. I'm pleased with how the jumper came out but I might still re-make it in future.

The Bell: Omg her bell! Getting a bell was a nightmare! I only bought it 2 days before the con! I'd been searching for a bell for months prior to the con but I couldn't get one anywhere! I didn't want to buy one online because I wanted to be sure about the size of it. So about 5 days before the con and with still no bell, I decided that I would just have to make one! So I went and got some clay and started sculpting. It took me a while to get used to it since i hadn't worked with clay since I was in 1st or 2nd year of highschool and even then it wasnt anything like this. To say the least my attempt at making a bell was beyond fail. So in the end...I went into a pet store and bought those mirrors that you hang in a bird cage. Y'know the ones it has like 3 mirrors hanging vertically and then theres a bell at the bottom?. Yep, I took the bell off the bottom and put it onto a chain XD I was laughing the whole time, especially since I don't even have any pet birds. I actually really like my bell ^__^ It doesn't exactly look like Rhyme's but I love the fact that my bell actually works!

Shoes: I bought a pair of the cheap immitation converse shoes in Primark. I cut out the shape of the shoe in yellow fabric and then glued it to the shoe itself. I painted the toe part of the shoe black and that was it finished! I prefer this more realistic looking shoe as opposed to the really big ones she wears. The shoes are probably the part of the cosplay that i'm most proud of, as it was my first time working with shoes and they turned out really well.


madmazda86 posted on 6 February, 2009 - 23:57
Yay, Rhyme! Her outfit is really cute :D

Nalerenn posted on 11 February, 2009 - 22:24
Ooh, I'll need to get a photo of this at some point, doubly so if you're gonna do her on Friday. Sho and Rhyme... Awesomeness! Of course, Rhyme is one of those characters who didn't get enough screen time, if you ask me...