Rainbow Dash (Human form - well, with wings n pony ears.) - My Little Pony Friendship is Magic




Well I'd decided to make a human version of Rainbow Dash because I just loved the wig, went through enough of a hassle buying that though!
Anyway, the wings and ears were made from this cheap camping matt foam stuff that marks quite easily, so be careful when leaning on it!! If you're in the UK, you might have heard of B&M? or is it B&N? :/ I can't remember, but it's a cheap home ware shop and these camping matts were about £2.50 and I only used 2 in total, but I bought 4 just in case.
I got a specific kind of top so that I could fit the frame of the wings under it, but the arms holes were big enough to take off the frame over the wings (which are really quite flexible.)
I also got some shorts and knee-high converse style shoes relatively cheap from eBay, the shoes were a plain white colour so I can go and add in her cutie mark and the colours where I please - yet to do that though, but it's just something to go back to another time, not a necessity. And the shoes also came with a few different coloured shoe laces, including a nice light blue which matched RD's skin colour.

I think the only hard part was designing the wings, I didn't want to go for their super rounded edges, so I went for a more flicked-out style, and then came getting the size right, too big and I'd be a bit back heavy (except they're super light so that doesn't really matter now), too small and... well, I think it'd probably just look cute... might try that actually.
Oh wait, the hardest part was making the wire frame! I'd bought some cheap white coated wire hangers, my mum did all the cutting and bending on those as she thought I'd poke my eye out or something... but you need to decide on your shape, and use one as a practice one, it's worth wasting one to get the perfect fit. (We went through about 3, but the hangers weren't that much, wasn't even £1!) I do have some progress pictures, but i'm not too sure how much of the bare wire frame it shows, as we'd cut the hook bit off, a large bit of the wire went between the layers, keeping the wings stable.


nanahara posted on 18 December, 2012 - 19:45
you make a cute looking Rainbow Dash