Fighter (FF1 NES) - final fantasy




Intended to be Fighter from FF1.
Borrowed heavily from:

Inspiration references:

This costume was the very first one I designed myself, my first piece of armour work, and a lot of other firsts.
I spent three to four hours a day on it over three solid weeks - I was unemployed during construction, so had plenty of time to design, agonise, fuck up and rebuild.

What I did:
Worked out vaguely what I wanted. (This turned out to be very close to Saiyan armour from DBZ in practice, which I only realised halfway through construction.)

Worked out a foam source for the armour. I used EVA foam from camping mats - which worked okay, but the quality of the foam meant it did not take paint well, and it also meant that it was in long thin rolls - a pain to use. (I recommend using proper crafting foam - I'll use proper foam when I rebuild this.)

Built a duct-tape torso dummy. Used this guy's tutorial.
I used a paper decorator's suit rather than using old clothes.

Made some templates using newspaper against the dummy.

Built some vague (and overcomplicated) several-section armour plates which formed the base of the armour. (Don't do this! Foam bends, and EVA foam in particular can be formed with a heat gun. Let the foam bend, rather than cut and glue it together!)

Panicked, glued on some massive parts around the front, sides and back to smooth out the massive gouges I had due to cutting everything in strips and gluing it together.

Added shoulderpads! Everything needs shoulderpads.

Made a sword - <-- that tutorial was used. Mine's a lot simpler, I didn't crush the tube inside but used it rounded - made it look a lot more cartoonish, which I liked.

Made a shield - following these proportions:

Sealed everything with PVA over the course of several days, then spraypainted the lot. Used some spray sealant to try to keep it in, but the paint came off when scratched. (I'm told Anti-freeze helps, but I have no idea)


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