Prinny Squadmember! - Disgaea




This is a Prinny - from Disgaea.

Bill of materials:
One blue hoodie, Amazon, £15.
One blue baseball cap, Amazon, £10.
Yellow craft foam, free from a friend who was doing the same costume.
White felt, £10-ish, eBay.
Black stick-on felt, ??, eBay.
Belt, £15, Peacocks.
Handbag, £10, eBay (originally Primark).
Purple felt, £??, free from friend doing the same costume.
Toy stuffing for wings, £??, free from friend doing costume.

Cut out white felt in giant U-shape, sew to front of hoodie. (Advanced mode: leave holes in sewing to access hoodie front-pocket!)
Cut out white felt in circle shape, sew to sides of hood on hoodie. These are the whites of your eyes.
Cut out black felt in smaller circle. Sew to eye whites. These are your pupils!
Cut out purple felt around wing pattern. Sew two parts together, turn inside out, stuff, sew to back of shoulderblades. Wings!
Sew triangle of yellow craftfoam onto blue cap. Beak!

Why did I choose to make it?
I like Disgaea. The friend who suggested it, loves penguins. My first real cosplay!

Hardest part: so much hand-sewing. SO much.

Easiest part: probably finding and buying the belt and bag! The former was from Peacock's, the latter from eBay.

What did I learn: That I can do cosplay. That it's fun. That people recognise you in the line for the ATM and will throw out facts and generally geek out with you. That crafting is half the fun, and wearing the other half :)

What was it like to wear: a little warm! But otherwise, enjoyable.


Amy-Lou posted on 20 September, 2017 - 14:40
Brilliant group! It's a neat idea using hoodies.