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...I was challenged to do either Miki's or Yukiho's black dress variant from the edeN PV. Got a few opinions. I'm going to go for Miki.

I am very, very nervous about this! I know I can sew it, but I have no idea if I can pull this off. I'll have a go anyway...
If my face looks awful, at least I'll have a hooded cloak, I guess.

Construction of the main dress will not start until January due to my lack of a sewing machine. I will be borrowing one. It isn't a worry- as soon as I have access to one I can turn out the dress and the cloak within the space of a few days ^^.

This will hopefully be worn at the May MCM Expo during 2013. The original plan was to wear it to Midlands Expo, but this fell through.

If it doesn't go too badly, I'll have to find an excuse to reuse the wig, right?
If I have time, I will probably make the other Miki variant from the same PV. Not sure about anything else! At least I can reuse some of my more generic im@s outfits, I guess!


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