Siren - Final Fantasy VIII





Got to gain the confidence first, but man =3


Manticore posted on 15 December, 2012 - 15:41
Oh Hello!

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Progress Journal

15th December 2012

The beginnings

Siren has been planned in my head for a while now, but since I won't do her until at least 2014, I hadn't bothered to put her up here yet.

But today, whilst buying some ribbon, I came across some yellow fur in the remnants bin.
I've been planning to test out various ways to make feathers (paper, foam, fur) since I can't afford enough real turkey feathers. But this fur was a steal. It's at least 2 metres (if not more) for £9.99.
Should be able to make sufficient feathers and save myself about £100.

Hence why she is going up, because technically I've made a start, even though I don't plan to actually do anything else towards her until summer at the earliest (have to start early since I have so many feathers to make).