Tachibana Mei (Summer Uniform) - Say I Love You





I've been ill for the last few days so decided to watch anime to lift my spirits. But I didn't know what to watch. So I went onto animefreak and scrolled down the list choosing one at random and I chose "Say I love you"

Wow! Honestly it's amazing. I really relate to the main girl in the sense that I had no real friends til my late teens and only had a cat for company, socially awkward in everyway and feels that kisses taste as good as deep fried chicken!

I came to the 10th episode just now and it was the last one listed on animefreak but I thought "that cant be it!" and so I googled and discovered that it only started as an anime in October so will be ongoing. YAY. I wanna cosplay the main three girls but I love Mei and deffo wanna cosplay her first :D


Freyarule posted on 14 December, 2012 - 15:34
I love this anime! :D You'll suit Mei loads!

J-Po posted on 4 February, 2014 - 21:05
omg you did have it up XD amazing! cant wait !

Satellite posted on 13 September, 2014 - 11:32
Just started watching this anime, love it so much ^-^ Can't wait to see progress!