Darkmoon Knightess (full armor) - Dark Souls





Doing this in hopes of doing a group with some guys on /cgl/.

Only practicing at the moment until the say what event/date they would like to do it to.

This will be fun.


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Progress Journal

19th February 2013

wooo paint job

The paint looks good. Done a base of burnt orange and thin layers of gold on top. I was going to spray it with gloss but that may ruin it so not going to do that. Will get more paste for the chin part since I ran out then I can make the back neck part so it all closes tight to my ead.

18th February 2013

more helm work

I forgot how tedious helms are having to continuously check it fits and that everything is secured properly. This being even harder since it has to fit to my head shape tight.

The front looks good at the moment doing details and fitting the back blade which keeps messing up sadly since I don't have any decent cutting items to get the perfect round shape to it. I'm just having to trim it a bit at a time and re-gluing it .

14th February 2013

paint test.

Testing out the paint to see how its looks, far to orange at the moment going to mix it with a gold so its not so harsh. Sadly brass is not a popular colour in paint so have to try and mix a closer colour.

8th January 2013

a few small tests

The helm is the most complicated since its fitted to her chin and the arch at the top of her head so I made a mold so it could fit me with a bit of room to get in and out of.

Chain mail is terrible though I really am bad at continuous patterns with varying sizes. I tried to save myself the trouble of doing lots of small loops by mixing big ones in only the ruin the pattern. Instead I will do big rings under the armor and small ones in places not covered.