Patricia Kingsville (Darkday) - Original Story: For the King, The Country, and The Magician





Based on the outfit Patricia wears in a chapter of my book for her Darkday (don't ask XD). To set the scene, it's sort of a little steampunk, and a little Howl's Moving Castle, and a bit Fullmetal Alchemist, I guess if I have to compare it to anyway. Usually they would wear more colourful stuff. I designed the costume on paper first- if I find the picture I will post it up for reference for you ^^

Items made: Shirt, Skirt, Headbow, Backbow, Umbrella/Parasol thing, choker, neck thingum. The skirt originally has an underbust corset and Patricia's shirt is short enough to show it, but I wanted to wear the shirt everyday too so I decided upon making it long enough to cover the underbust part of the skirt.

Skirt made from fine net with velour polkadots and lined, shirt was altered from a store-bought shirt (sleeves, and hemline, and it was a medium man's shirt!), and choker was hand beaded. The backbow is quite rigid polyester cotton and is large (to be fair I cut the fabric from another costume XD), and the hairbow is made from black satin and ties around the head.


Captain_Marvelous posted on 4 March, 2009 - 15:06
This is nice ^.^ (read The last name of the character and thought it was the bread ^.^) well done ^^