Tyris Flare - Golden Axe




After years of beleiving her bikini was plate lined with red leather, I discover that that is in fact, just a red and white leather bikini.

For Christs sake woman!

I'm putting this up to motivate me to get my ass in gear and excersize - gonna need sick abs for Tyris!

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4th February 2013


I've been hitting the gym a lot recently in the attempt to get myself a washboard belly for this particular cosplay, and looking out materials of which to make it, so I figurd this may as well go to the "in progress" pile" Managed to gind a near perfect replica of the potion bottles - When all is done I plan to dress my toddler cousin in a little blue hat and tunic and have him as a theif for the photo shoot! Looking up materials for the bikini - I had always imagined her to be wearing a mail or plate bikini lined in red leather, but it's apparently officially leather according to the Beast Rider Game, when this costume is unlocked... That makes very little sense to me... offering even less protection than a two metal cups would provide.... In any case, should I stick with leather, or have it as plate? Any insight is much appreciated!

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