Jax (Temple) - League Of Legends

Status :Complete
Worn At :London MCM Expo Comic Con May 2014
Awards : 1st Play Blackpool Masquerade / Runner up Eurocosplay Qualifiers / 1st Insomnia 53


In Action!

Show Time!

I'm Ready!

Prepare For The Penta

Ganked This Strange Being In The Jungle

Bring It On!


Armor Finished (Mostly)

New electronics



Hat Structure



This costume is going to be made with a fusion of modern and traditional techniques! I want to used the widest variety of skills possible, to hopefully impress myself as well as the judges ^^

I will be first wearing it at PlayBlackpool at the start of May, and then at the end of the month to London McM Expo for the Euro qualifiers!


Kei Lin Sama posted on 5 April, 2014 - 23:29
Looks fantastic! I still can't tell what it is though..

Sephirayne posted on 28 April, 2014 - 21:53
This is looking amazing. Can't wait to see it.

Knightsly posted on 30 April, 2014 - 04:28
thats gonna turn out pretty awesome can't wait to see the end result

Sephirayne posted on 20 May, 2014 - 16:47
Well done hun. This looked absolutely fantastic in person.

Silantre posted on 20 May, 2014 - 17:33
Thank you so much Seph =D *big uber hugs* ^^ I hope it looks even better after this quick re-make

Kei Lin Sama posted on 29 May, 2014 - 23:23
You were soooo good! Everything about this was perfect.

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Progress Journal

Imagine If I Had A Real Weapon (Posted 14th April 2014)

Working on Jax's weapon! Pretty fun design to make, not too complicated, but not too simple, especially when trying to make it con safe. I ended up making a clay shape of the blades, making a mold and casting it. I then attached it to the rest of the staff using cardboard and papier mache. It's a little bit too strong, so I need to be really careful with it!

Working on The Shoes (Posted 10th April 2014)

To make this costume as authentic as I could, I researched into how shoes would have been made in a similar origin Jax's costume looks like it's from.
I found out they used to make shoes with coiled rope bottoms, so decided to attempt making my won shoes from scratch!

Armor Progress (Posted 6th April 2014)

For the armor pieces on Jax, I decided to do fabric covered foam. This allows me with the massive belt to still bend down, without it digging into my chest. It also allows me to easily add raised patterns, rather then just painting them on. Also, with the top material being fabric, it meant it was really easy to distress and airbrush onto.

Working On The Helmet Pattern (Posted 4th April 2014)

In order to get it as accurate as possible, I took a screenshot of the top of Jax's helmet from the in game model, enlarged it and printed it out.
I then used the paper template and cut out foam shapes to attach and paint over for the helmet pattern.

The Back of the Helmet (Posted 28th March 2014)

For the back of the helmet I cut, ironed and sew together about 30 strips of brown suede. I really like this effect ^^

Electronics of Wireeeenessss (Posted 10th March 2014)

Spent all of today working on the Helmet. The Perspex was alot harder to bend then I thought it would be, ended up burning myself a few times trying to pour hot water over it, because I didn't have a container big enough xP.

I actually planned ahead a little bit by drilling air holes into the mask (first time for everything). Now all I have to do is hope when I add the back it still looks circular *fingers crossed*.

The electronics threw me at first because I hadn't realized the current needed to run the LED's as I'm using different ones to normal.But everything is sorted and working now ^^, each of the LED's is wired separately to some prototyping board at the side of the mask, so if any of the connections break I'll only loose one light instead of all of them.

Dyeing Is a Success!! (Posted 26th February 2014)

Spent a whole day trying out different natural dyes for my costume. I had a HUGE success, and completely happy with my experiments.

I used red cabbage, pomegranates and onions for the different dyes, I was really surprised that red cabbage makes blue dye. I didn't believe it until I saw it! And the blue is the perfect shade for my costume ^^. Now all I have to do is find a way of dying whole meters of fabric at once, evenly....