Alice Liddell (Classic Blue Dress) - American McGee's Alice: Madness Returns


Having been corrupted (and that's DEFINATELY the best way to put it) into the Alice games by one of my best friends, I decided to create the cosplay for Alice's classic blue dress first seen in the Vale of Tears in the game. Of course, Alice has many costumes in Madess Returns, but as lovely as they all are, the blue dress is iconic, and beleive it or not, has the most room for variation, and so... Bring it on!

So I begin with the necklace, actually. It is made from clay and painted by hand. I had to legthen the chain a little because it didn't quite sit long enough. That's probably th simplest part!

The dress itself, which is a blue party dress I picked up for £6 in a charity shop (those thigs have never failed me! ;)). It does have a black velvet bodice but it actually looks quite nice that way to be honest. I shorteed it bacause it was practically ankle length and used the offcuts to make the sleeves from scratch. I also added black lace, which likens it to some of the concept art. I would like to get a petticoat for the skirt sometime and embroider the little keys along the hem but perhaps next time I wear it. ^_^

I used my boyfriend's old tech apron from school as part of the costume, but I changed the shape (it's all hemmed by hand) and covered it in blood made from acrylic paint. The markings were done in fabric pen. I used the offcuts of the apron to make a bow for the back, and this had a hand sculpted skull in the centre like in the game.

I wore the dress with a pair of fishnet gloves and stockings and a blue hair ribbon, again coming from the concept art and my big patant leather boots, which I decided on instad of buckled boots, because they're dead comfy and actually look more impressive than the original boots! xD They got loads of attention at the con, mainly because they look as if theey could impale somebody! These details were all inspired by concept art.

I made the Vorpal blade from thick card and clay, strengthened where the clay meets the card, but in all honesty, this could have been done better as it needed something along the top for stability. The whole blade was painted by hand.

It went down an absolute storm at Expo! So many free hugs and photographs! I didn't win the masquerade but I got a massive cheer at my performance! The costume also held out pretty well accept for a minor issue with safety pins and my necklace (which needs to be made from stronger clay).

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