Chi (Gold Dress) - Chobits

In Progress




To be fair, this costume has very little work left to do on it since its original function was for the ball of AmeCon 2008 (which I ended up wearing Formal Yuri to instead to dance with Wolfram). Sorry guys, but a face-shot of the tiara and the wig and ears is all you're getting until I've danced with my grande amour in this (which will likely be AmeCon 2010, so don't be holdin' any breath now ^__^ ), I'm sure you understand how I want to keep this costume special! (No, I don't understand it either XD)

Items made: Wig, Persocom Ears, Rose Tiara, Rose Choker, and most of the many layers and design on the dress, though to be fair I can see a lot of editing happening before I wear this properly!


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