Paarthurnax - Skyrim - Elder Scrolls V





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Progress Journal

8th December 2012


So at the moment I'm trying to figure out how this will all go together. I dont want this costume to be a structure that goes around me like a lot of costumers. Instead I want to really be a part of the costume so when the time comes, I can capture the movement and character of Paarthurnax rather than a person standing inside something built to resemble the dragon.

I'm thinking that the tail should also have a movable structure rather than being stuffed and possibly act as a counter-balance for the neck and head, which will probably end up being mounted on my shoulders and head so it can look extended rather than it being cut short by the limitations of my own form.

My arms will act as the main structure of my arm as the dragons in the Elder Scrolls games are designed to appear biologically possible. They have wings which look most similar to a bat, in that their 'hands' are at the tips of their wings and they are their limbs for the front of the body. Unlike other 'dragon cosplays' I've looked at doing in the past such as Lugia, Paarthurnax and the other dragons have hind legs with similarities to that of a human - so no backwards knees for me!