Coriander / Connie (In-game) - Steambot Chronicles





Steambot Chronicles is one of my favourite games, and although I can't say I'm really drawn to the character of Connie (I'm more a Savoury girl to be fair), I already had some pink jersey, some lace, and a nice fabric for the skirt so I made this anyway because I like the costume and intend to wear it in summer or on holiday!

The top in the artwork generally is blocky and not lace, more just fabric with the curved edges, but in game it's lace. The skirt, also, is red in art, brown in game, so I went for a nice, rich dark red which I like the fabric of!

Items made: Top, skirt, accessories


Captain_Marvelous posted on 3 February, 2009 - 11:50
WA WA WA WAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Steambot chronicles!!! A relaxing non-linier adventure? This is Amazing :) *i would expect nothing less from the only person i know who wants to bone this game* well done :)