Chi (Pink Anime Dress) - Chobits


Kitacon 2009




Made originally for a birthday party, I didn't wear the wig and instead did my hair and put on some wings for the theme of "Heavenly Creatures". Since I'm already a Chi and Freya cosplayer I thought I would use this as a great excuse to make one more cute costume!

I also wore this to KitaCon '09 on the Saturday night. It was such a cute costume and I found a couple other Chi and Freya around the con to look cute with! I'd forgotten my spools for my hair (ultimate fail), and the only picture I have from KitaCon was taken by Kuroi Ryu whilst I looked worse for wear and my ears had been taken off and clipped back in so many times that they ended up half way up my head O__O :/ Still, makes me all the more excited to get a proper photoshoot done for this costume! (I'll have to make another ear because one of them is now proudly signed by Ryo Fujimura)

It's made from pink stage satin, worn with an underskirt I made to give it more flounce. I took liberty with the design of the skirt, but I didn't want to walk around in a cage-hoop all evening or whenever I wear it! Also, I did make a big peach bow for the back but I don't always pin it on because it gets in the way and I don't particularly like that aspect of the costume all too much.

Items made: Corset, skirt, wig, persocom ears, bouquet accessory


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