Amy Rose (Anthro-Amy) - Sonic Adventure 2





Photos coming soon!

A more humanised version of Amy (well, humanised in the way that I didn't make a prosthetic face and huge mascot head for her)! Dress is made from lovely red cotton worn with an underskirt to give it the correct volume, gloves are white suede-feeling fabric with yellow crushed velvet cuffs. The ears and tail are made from furry fabric. A brighter, smoother fleece would have been more accurate but this was supposed to be a take on a ‘more natural’ looking Amy Rose than a mascot suit. The big hammer is the best thing!

Items made: Dress, Gloves, Boot Covers, Wig, Hammer

The first costume I've made in 2009, and the one that likely sparked off my cosplay-theme for this year: Women in Love! (Sonic beware!)


Captain_Marvelous posted on 3 February, 2009 - 12:40
Awesome your doing an Amy gijinka I wanted to do a knuckles one :) cant wait ^^