May / Haruka (With a couple small design choices ^^) - Pokemon / Pocket Monsters





I love Haruka- she’s a pretty cool trainer! She’s the first Pokemon character I’m drawn to cosplaying besides the gym leaders Sabrina and Jasmine! (Though it looks like Erika is next!) Xephios recently cosplayed such a cute Kasumi (Misty) at an event (which was when I wore Yami no Yuugi), so I hope one day we catch each other in our chick-protagonist costumes for photos ^____^

This costume was ANOTHER of my quick cosplays that I made the night before the day I wanted to wear it! Curse me for this >< Anyway, it turned out well. I would have liked to have made the collar a bit bigger ( lack of fabric and fabric stores being shut when I need them!). I need some photos of it now I've sewn on the white pokeball design on the bandana.

Accuracy: As far as I know this costume is accurate besides the modifications I’ve intentionally made! I don’t wear trainers unless it's for tabletennis- I don’t like them XD So I customised some red dolly shoes with white elastics instead. I also wore this with black cycle-length tights instead of cycle shorts. I have a thing against cycle shorts for some reason.

Favourite parts?
Using my little reversible pokemon-pokeball things for improv shoot because I couldn't find my solid pokeballs. I remember a little kid pointing at me and grinning wearing a pokemon t-shirt on my way home. It’s things like that that make cosplaying special ^___^ The gloves are SO being worn in winter!


Captain_Marvelous posted on 3 February, 2009 - 11:44
This is cool :) I remember when you did this,Is wanting to do lt.Surge :)