Jean Grey (Phoenix) - New x-men





(Originally had this planned last year MCM as a chill out warm cosplay, but dropped it in favour of recommending it to RenDMC/PaperTiger as a last minute cosplay after her Dark Phoenix failed back then and went for Ororo's version instead.)

I've always loved both Jean and Ororo and both their designs through out the series, so it's kinda hard to choose between the two, and even though this outfit is more casual looking than their usual uniforms, it looked cooler on Jean for some reason, must be the red hair.
-I've already started work on the leather pants and jacket, and just about finished with her top and embroiding the "X" logo on it.
As for her boots, I'm in two minds about that, since I got 3 pairs already that I could use to save me money.


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