Cooro - +Anima

In Progress


I choose Cooro because I freaking love him and in truth act a bit like him. At the moment I'm just doing his human form but after the 14th I plan on making both his Arm feathers and Wings. I'm going to make his wings be able to move. Thus far trying to figure out how to make the Yellow overshirt has been the most difficult. I'm going to attempt to make is out of non-stretch yellow cotton fabric; that failing i will probably try a knit and change it more of a turtleneck type shirt.

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Maroon Red Tank Top
Yellow OverShirt
Maroon Red Gloves
Side Pouch
Yellow Boot Covers and Red Sock line
Hat and Feathers
2 yards of both yellow and red cotton fabric
Feathers and Fur

Total cost: £0.00