Minerva - Assassin's Creed III



So x-Blade-x randomly mentioned wanting to do Juno, and then some cracky headcanons occurred, and here Minerva is. Whenever these two beauties happen, there will be much trollage of any AC groups/cosplayers 8D

Currently planned for Saturday evening for May expo 8DDD

BladeyCakes posted on 3 December, 2012 - 10:50
Omfg x'D I cannot. The fact these are a legit thing now is killing me. HALP. (Also: Mmmmmmgurl, what did I teeelll you? Didn't I teeeelll you? I tooold you, and what did I teeeell you? /shot) They will be amazing and you'll look BAMF as Minerva <3

nanahara posted on 16 June, 2013 - 00:40
nicely done, you look great ^^

BladeyCakes posted on 16 June, 2013 - 10:03
DAYUM GUUUURL, YOU LOOKIN FINE. No but really. Perf Minerva tho <3

yuubalu posted on 16 June, 2013 - 14:32
@nanahara: Thanks :) @x-Blade-x: shhhh, but thanks. Perf Juno too though, so we're even 8D <3

Identify parts of costume
Under dress
Make helmet/head-dress
Sheer over-dress
Hair tie
Sash clip

Total cost: £0.00

20th December 2012


Finally got round to finishing AC3, so now I can actually start working out how to go about Minerva without having to spoil myself with videos in order to see her outfit from all different angles. Her outfit shouldn't be too difficult, altogether, but I think it'd be nice to work more with my Juno once we've got things planned out so that our clothes will made from the same fabrics etc.

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