Goruloli Psycho Nurse (The kind without lace ^^) - Original Gurololi Design


AmeCon 2008




Kinda of a cross between gurololi and visual kei I think but I'm not quite sure! The original design was going to be covered in lace and frills but I decided upon keeping it more plain and plausibly nurse-like. For that reason it ended up with less gore and just an eyepatch and some bandages on the arms and legs (which I don't have a photo of me wearing ¬__¬)

Items made: Apron, skirt, eyepatch, mask, headband etc, and the hair pieces.
Item's bought: Shirt (just a plain blouse), socks. I had the syringe necklace made as a commission for me by the dear BiohazardXray

It's a very simple costume, but I do so love it ^^ It was fun to get to wear it at AmeCon '08 (minus the hair falls- I funked my hair up instead to make it more party-ish!)


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