viewtiful joe
Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Cosplayer: cosplaymatt1

Variant: ultimate marvel vs capcom (red)

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

29th July 2013: video

22nd May 2013: goatee you'll see

22nd May 2013: update white detailing second layer improves so glue and red is not visable

22nd May 2013: gloves on gloves finito

22nd May 2013: shoe cover done done and improved , shortened and held up with velcrow

21st May 2013: head secton preview upper body helmet and suit

21st May 2013: helmet painted and smoothed see photo

21st May 2013: helmet detailing complete see photo

15th May 2013: yellow mask with helmet yellow mask eye detailed added , it looks a bit orange thou and modified helmet string from mask and painting and smoothing to come :D

15th May 2013: car body filler thanks to advice from "this random scrub" i invested in some car body filler to smooth out what was gunna be a, from scratch helmet , due to time running out i bought a motorcycle helmet that was a good match instead and am using the car body filler to smooth out hinges n such :D

6th May 2013: shoe cover or boots trying to get the foot section sorted atm but cant decide between a cheap pair of white wellies or the leg sections from the white morph suit grr

29th April 2013: MASK yellow eye detail to be added soon

29th April 2013: muscle suit mixed result with the muscle suit origionally a super man costume i was gunna use the chest section (the muscle bit) under my bodysock , however due to my chest being a little narrower that i thought it A didnt fit in the body suit B the super man logo showd throught and C concaved / folder under my arms and looked terrible aslo it keep shifting up when pulling the bodysock up however all is not lost i decided to cut out the six pack / rib section and keep that which looks pretty good once held in place with tape or somthing the elasticity of the bodysock keeps it in place and is very confortable as is made out of foam and gives me more of a super hero physique like joe does . besideds my chest isnt too bad and it look pretty cool together .the only thing im noticing is that i dunno weather its he belt and six pac section that streached the material a bit more, or weather its the improved natural lighting of the photo but the seam on my underwear has become more obviouse (may try to smooth things out ) but its a lot better to have a seam than some of the other detail(s)that other underwear has revealed plus i guess it lets people now im not naked underneath :D .

29th April 2013: trying out the belt :D trying out the belt yesturday to see if it fits , is thick enought etc i havent finsihed the buckle yet so i tape on a teporary one for now so i got a idear of how it might look aslo couldent find my origional gloves at the time so used the hands from the white morph suit

25th April 2013: white morph suit? white morph suit you say ? but joe has a red one ? dont worry folks it is a doner morph suit . and will be cut up to for the hood / neck detailing , possibly thicken up the gloves as theyre a little trasparent , and make shoe cover aswell hopefully my only worry being that the white one is incredibly see through as is i could see the wording on my underwear throught the body suit ! goodness know how anyone can wear one without feeling slightly exposed, on top of that morphsuits have wording on the back hence why i used a bodysock for the main section . anyways as im not wearing the white suit im only concerned as to how visable my show will be under the white shoe cover.

27th February 2013: red body suit and gloves a go go baby finally got round to puting up photos of me trying on the bodysuit and gloves they look good . i must add thou that i had to rotate some of the photos and hence i look a bit strange in them i.e taller , skinnier , out of proportion , i must aslo add that what i was wearing underneath to protect my modesty was supportive in certain areas so if my bottom looks odd ! :O that because a the zip on the suit ment it was tighter round the back and hence lefted my rear ! the underwear aslo went underneath the cheeks to support them (because A it held the front in so had loop around and under and B fat or muscle you bottoms gunna wobble when relaxed ! so the straps i guess add extra support)

4th February 2013: body suit advice i have recieved my red headless body suit from "bodysocks" who were cheaper than other morphsuits , it was right shade of red , not too shiney / metalic and they also have no advertising / wording on the back . it aslo fits very nicely . i must state that you should not wear naked and that SUITABLE UNDERWEAR is required due to it skin tight nature specificaly at the front ! (if you wish to know how i reduced the bulge without the underwear itself showing throught to badly please dont be too shy to privatly message me on here ,as call old fashioned but it not somthing ya go shouting about :P )...moving on im hoping to acheive the muscular form my character has as i look a bit weedy at the moment, if not im sure a muscle suit or somthing similar can help :D i have aslo found some white gloves at a local fancy dress shop and a bandit mask for less than £10 for both . p.s there is a big red zip going up the back of the bodysock but might be coverd by my cape anyways.

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 8th January 2013
Henshin a go go, baby!

Looking forward to doing this >D

ChibiMatsu avatar

ChibiMatsu - 16th January 2013
Im doing viewtiful joe as well for next months midlands expo, cant wait to see your techniques to improve mine, henshin a go go baby

Heorot avatar

Heorot - 28th January 2013
Matt a go go! xD Good luck with this my fellow bodysuit buddy!

ChibiMatsu avatar

ChibiMatsu - 14th March 2013
ok yours looks far better than mine :-D

cosplaymatt1 avatar

cosplaymatt1 - 18th March 2013
that kind of you to say but i have a bodysuit and gloves non of which i made and you have that epic helmet ! if anything im learning from you :D youll make a wonderfull joe keep at it :)

ChibiMatsu avatar

ChibiMatsu - 24th April 2013
Well mine was quite messy but thanks, glad your learning from me. Unfortunately the costume broke and I had to throw it away

ChibiMatsu avatar

ChibiMatsu - 18th May 2013
Wow your helemt, it's gonna be better than the one I made, love the eye bit

V_Ortenzi avatar

V_Ortenzi - 2nd June 2013
Good job on this, you nailed it! It's always good to see more Viewtiful Joe fans out there. <:

cosplaymatt1 avatar

cosplaymatt1 - 2nd June 2013
thanks man ! im really struggling to find photos of it thou . lotsa people took photos but I cant find them anywhere !

SafiBear avatar

SafiBear - 13th June 2013
ah man, can't believe i missed you D: awesome costume