Akito Sohma (Manga) - Fruits Basket





Wearing this is so much fun- everyone knelt down to me, and called me Akitosama!

Akito is my favourite character from the Fruits Basket manga and anime though it’s a close call. It was simple and straightforward as I’ve made kimono and yukata before. It does trail on the floor but I pick it up to walk around to save it from the nasty evils on the floor! I wore this with traditional Geta (the male kind) and white tabi socks. I know Akito doesn’t wear this costume out of the house and wears it barefoot but the constaff wouldn’t be too happy about that, and neither would my tootsies! I would love to commission this costume for someone simply because I love making this type of thing. Hopefully I will have the chance to make some more kimono type clothes in the near future!

Items made: Kimono, yukata, obi, tabi socks, zodiac fan (original design inspired by the artwork of Furuba!)
Items bought: The little birdy that perches on my finger, the Geta shoes (they are the male type of Geta)

This was later turned into the Anime version of Akito's costume. The purple trim on the sleeves was a rushed job so it has been unpicked, which is why it's not there in the photos! I will be making the accurate purple collar (with the proper pattern) and sleeve hems in the near future but I reckon I will put that as a new costume since it'll be the anime Akito then! (wheey crossplay!)


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