Aries "The Ram"
Fairy Tail Manga/Anime

Cosplayer: Silvermane

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

24th October 2013: Progress 7 Costume is complete.

21st October 2013: Progress 6 Only the wig remains

9th October 2013: Progress 5 Horns

29th June 2013: Progress 4 Purchased from

22nd June 2013: Progress 3 Aries dress is pretty much complete,I might alter a few minor details in the future though.

23rd March 2013: Progress 2 I have made her neck bit and I am currently in the process of making the dress.

25th November 2012: Progress 1 Prepared the pom poms for the costume since they did not cost me anything.

Main body of clothing should be made some point after new year.

adamphillip avatar

adamphillip - 21st June 2013
any more progress?

dan-dan avatar

dan-dan - 5th November 2013
you make such a cute aries :3