Cosplayer: Limegreenjelly

Variant: RETIRED

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

7th December 2013: Another outing? A re-wear is happening soon, not sure when though but in 2014 she will be coming back out again. Got a brand new wig and gloves. All I need is to re- leather dye the boots as the spray leather dye wasn't worth the money, so back to sponging technique.

Need to send the guitar back to Cyanide and see what he can do to fix it xD

1st April 2013: HIIIII!!! Nearly there, got the jacket to make now. Wig been styled, Base clothes have been sourced. Boots need the bobble bits glued on and some insoles in the boots themselves. Gloves have been made by Cyanidecustard as I had enough of looking for proper gloves over the internet, been searching for over a month or so now. CYanide is still working on the guitar for me.

21st March 2013: Finalising Everything is coming together, Cyanide is doing the guitar from scratch and i've been cutting the pattern to size. Need to dye my fabric a little darker first before cutting and making the jacket. Gloves were wrong and now sourcing a different pair but proving difficult. Wig needs a slight style, however everything else is pretty much ready and waiting.

31st January 2013: Kitty Kat Everything has been sourced, wig,gloves,shirt,trousers,scarf etc etc Only things left is styling the wig, find the guitar and get the jacket made.
Really looking forward to this costume. Comfortable and cosplaying with some of my favourite people :D

8th January 2013: LUNNNCCCHHHH TIIIMMMEEE!! Nearly there, last few pieces will be done nearer the time. Boots need another layer of white leather dye, goggles been dispatched. Shirt has been dyed. We're on our way. Not sure about the guitar at the moment, but thinking up a plan. Bracelet needs a few small pieces. Gloves are being a pain to find so I am going to buy a random set of gloves add the gauntlet pieces then dye them with leather dye.

3rd January 2013: FLCL Time Brought some wet look leggings with a white top the other day in the sales.Got home and realised that the top is beige in colour so quickly brought some dye today so I can make it the right colour.

Brought some black boots in a charity shop which are absolutely perfect shape, comfort and size for Haruko except the colour so more dye will have to be brought to make them white.
Found the perfect wig then its just the making of the jacket to really get done.

RaikiriSkyfall avatar

RaikiriSkyfall - 15th April 2013
This is looking great so far! :)