Mio Hio (Anime default) - DNAngel





Photos coming soon!

This was first worn on one of our cosplay group’s weekly outings for no reason at all other than I wanted to do it! It was cold in the British weather, but everyone knows that cosplay completely obliterates chilly weather ^___^ Thank goodness that my Daisuke showed up or I wouldn’t have had anyone to pester!

Mio is such a kooky character, and even if you don’t like her you have to admit she has character ^^ I have one galfriend who is a Daisuke cosplayer so it’s fun to pester her and randomly glomp her in this costume. The unpredictable British weather coupled with this costume… I thought it spelt disaster but it was fine really!
The top and wrist cuff are made from lovely satin dupion shot with little nicks, the skirt is made from white jersey and dark blue polyester with red felt, the overskirt is a lovely floaty white polyester, and the crowns are made from craft foam and painted in acrylic. I know the boots aren’t plain like hers, but I wanted this outfit to have as much character as possible, and this shiny fabric coupled with the silvery bits on the boots and a bit of sparkly eyeshadow make this outfit really popstar-ish!

Items made: Top, wrist cuff, crown and hair ribbons, skirt, overskirt

This is pretty much accurate save for the choice of fabric (I imagine the top was intended in the anime to be made from jersey). If I’ve taken any license, it’s that the back of the top is a bit more covering than hers!
How long did it take?
This took me around 3-4 hours spread over one evening and one morning.


Toshi-chan posted on 2 February, 2009 - 17:44
OMG i LOVE hio mio!! even though she is completely crazy she really is one of the best from DNAngel! the costume sounds awesome tho =]..how did you make the crown!!