Mami (School Uniform/Secret ) - Puella Magi Madoka Magica


1st Prize in Madoka Cosplay Competion @ Madoka Movie Screening




So I've been invited to go to the Movie Debut of the new Puella Magi Madoka Magica movies in a fortnight or so (9.12.12). I have wanted to do a full group of the girls since I watched the series but there's actually 3 characters I like so I wouldn't be able to decide which to be until the group starts forming and I know what other girls are taken. Also with the short deadline getting a wig here in time is cutting it too fine for my liking so I was looking around I stumbled upon this hoodie :D I already have some fabric that I can use but it's so cute :D I will try and get the Mami wig anyway but I won't stress to much if it doesn't come - Plus this will be nice and easy to wear :) Shouldn't take too long :) Fingers crossed :)

Since I'm still waiting on the sweatshirt fabric I decided if I could find good fabrics for the school uniform that most of the characters wear I will make the school uniform as a backup then decide which character to do based on the wigs I have. I can also wear this uniform under the hoodie if I get too hot :)

Update: 12/12/12
I was supposed to make a hoodie but due to time constraints I ended up just making a mascot hat which is the secret part of this cosplay. I'm pleased with how it came out except I wish I had some wire to put into the feelers to make them stand up but overall for about 2 hours work I'm pleased with the hat :)


Squall_wolfheart posted on 12 December, 2012 - 14:08
love the hat :P

PandoraCaitiff posted on 19 March, 2013 - 13:51
Ooh harsh! XD Love it. The Charlotte hat is both evil and hilarious!

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Progress Journal

29th November 2012

Grief Seed

So I made a grief seed to put into the plushie part of Charlotte. It's made out of a 25mm glass bead with 2 x silver bead caps, 1 small 3mm silver bead and 2 x stud fastenings and all hot glues together :) I will probably also make another one as a prop to go with whichever magical girl I end up cosplaying.
On another note I tried to get plastic pellets to fill the hands and feet of Charlotte to way her down and sit correctly but none of the hobby stores had the plastic pellets I needed so won't be able to make her body right now. I've managed to find some online so hopefully they'll arrive intime :D

28th November 2012

Charlotte Plushie Head Progress 1

Since I will be making the hoodie in the style of the monster part I thought I might as well make a plushie of the main body too since I'm waiting on the postman for hoodie fabric. The head is made out of White Minkey Fleece stuffed with regular toy stuffing. The hair/ears? are made out of candy pink fleece left over from Princess Bubblegum and the the features are made out of felt.
I'm hoping to get a better blue colour of the eyes as her's are more of a green/blue colour. Also because the body always seems to be sitting I have decided to make the body filled with plastic pellets/beans so the bottom half and the hands will have a bean bag feel and I'm hoping this'll make the finished plushie hang correctly.
I also have a habit of putting little plushie hearts inside my plushies but since she is a witch I am going to make a grief seed to put inside her chest - because lets face it when she pop's that's what comes out :)